Product Management 

We take the time to help you define your product through research and then redefine your product until you are satisfied with the final idea. It’s always good to have someone that can set the right expectations. Timelines, deadlines, technical limitations are some of the things we will look out for.

Mobile Apps Development

Native apps

Need to build a native app for iOS and/or Android? With Appcelerator Titanium as our tool of choice, we can code quickly and efficiently for both platforms natively almost simultaneously if needed.

Mobile web apps

You may need a Minimum Viable Product for your start up, or take your business to the next level quickly. Building a hybrid mobile web app with PhoneGap will leverage the power of HTML5 and mobile devices to come up with a great product.  Games.

Other technologies to integrate

We’re experienced in working with third party services, from Facebook social integrations, Google APIs, Social shares to implementing back-end location, payment services, you name it. Have a licensed software you want to use with your product? We can do that too.

Web and Mobile Web 

If you need a simple landing page to go with your app, or a full-blown web app for desktop or mobile web, we can help. Our team of experts can build mobile or responsive sites, web apps, Facebook apps and Content Management Systems (CMS). We also have hands-on experience with PHP/MySQL and other back-end technologies.